Bridal Boudoir with Sarah

I have always admired the beauty of a woman, whether she is a size "0" or a size "20". As I have heard in a song recently, that "Real girls aren't perfect and perfect girls aren't real"... That is a great quote.. but as a photographer, I want my brides to feel perfect no matter what.

The point that I am making with this blog post is that we are moving forward with this new part of our business and I want all of our brides to feel that they are able to have these photos taken of themselves no matter the size or the flaws. The purpose of bridal boudoir is that this is a special photo shoot for brides to gift to their new husbands after the wedding. How wonderful would it be to surprise him with this? Talk about keeping the romance alive! Our style with this photography is sexy but tasteful and focusing on the beauty of each client.

With this particular shoot, it really worked out that we were taking photos of Sarah for her tattoo artist. She just got this fabulous half sleeve and she really wanted to showcase this. We also brought up the boudoir session and she was just as excited as we were to shoot this. How beautiful is she in these photos? Sarah was self conscious about a few things, but she rocked it out and we were able to capture these fabulous photos.
Thank you so much Sarah for being perfect! We had so much fun.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone, especially our wonderful brides! Remember ladies, you are beautiful no matter what! We would love to offer our new boudoir photography to all of you :)

Hannah & Jesse | Greenville Virginia Wedding

On a gorgeous bright and sunny October afternoon, set on a rolling green meadow with surrounding mountainous landscape, Hannah Sizemore said "I Do" to the love of her life and best friend Jesse Robbins.

Besides having some of the best personalities, this couple showed more love for one another than you can ever imagine. Not only was their love for another so strong, the compassion and heartfelt support from their family and friends was truly amazing.

It was such an honor to have captured those beautiful moments for the two of you and to have been a part of this big day. You both are such an inspiration and we are so privileged to showcase this fabulous wedding!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Robbins!
10-13-2012 | Greenville, Virginia