Meredith & Matt | Dumbo Engagement Session | Brooklyn, NY

Dumbo Engagement Session

I still cannot believe we never did share Meredith & Matt’s Dumbo engagement session in Brooklyn, NY.  Honestly, this winter flew by and we never had a chance to slow down and share some amazing weddings and engagement sessions from last year and it saddens me because there were so many amazing moments from 2017.  I am really excited to FINALLY put my 2018 New Years resolution in motion and show some of this awesome unseen content for the world to see.

This engagement session was kind of a fluke really.. we had this whole other session planned a month earlier in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  Meredith had Jury duty the day of the session and when she thought she would be out of the court room hours in advance, they ended up holding her late (unfortunately the Scranton Strangler is still on the loose 😉) and she didn’t have any way of touching base with anyone so we got a great chance to hang out with Matt and get to know him and chat all about the wedding! Props to being an amazing groom, Matt! The moral of the story is that it was truly a bummer not to be able to shoot their engagement that day but we would have never been able to make this magical Brooklyn, NY session happen if we did.

Ryan and I were planning a trip to NYC in November to visit some amazing friends and watch our good friends tie the knot on top of the Rockefeller Center. In the midst of planning our trip, we were also trying to reschedule Meredith & Matts session around driving to and from New York.  When she said she would be in NYC visiting family when we were in town as well, the stars aligned and we had the perfect day for the perfect session with these two!  I absolutely love Brooklyn! Somehow and weirdly enough, I feel at peace while I am there.  It is just a different vibe than being across the bridge in Manhattan and I really want to just come back and spend a little more time there.  Dumbo is a great location.  I love that you are able to see the bridge, it isn’t crazy busy, and there are so many amazing views of the city from the other side of the Hudson River.  We captured some amazing moments at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and even had to sneak in a few photos in front of Jane’s Carousel but we couldn’t leave without getting a shot in front of the iconic “Most Popular Instagram Spot in Brooklyn!”  With Meredith & Matt’s wedding right around the corner and just a few days away, we are super thrilled to share their Dumbo engagement session with you!

Thank you Nathan with Tremont Photography for showing us around this crazy city, for continuing to be our best friend event after dragging you on all our photography adventures in NYC, and sharing your secret spots with us! You are what true friends are made of and we miss you every day you guys are across the pond in London!

Dumbo Engagement Session under bridgeDumbo Engagement Session under bridge Brooklyn NY Engagement Session Jane's Carousel Engagement Session Dumbo Engagement Session Brooklyn NY Engagement Session Brooklyn NY Engagement Session Brooklyn NY Engagement SessionThank you for checking out Meredith & Matt’s Dumbo engagement session from Brooklyn, NY.