Victoria & Steve | Pine Island Lodge Wedding | Corolla, NC

Our 2018 Wedding season is a wrap and I can’t help but share a little bit from Victoria & Steve’s Pine Island Lodge Wedding. The meticulous planning of this event made their wedding such a great success and we owe that all to Laura Sorensen with Sugar Snap Events. She runs a tight ship but when planning a wedding, you really need someone at the helm who will do just that! Victoria and her mother had all the style and it really did show in the design aspect of the big day. With the help of Heather Events & Florals, you felt like you walked into the secret garden and around every corner were the most beautiful flowers to captivate the crowd.
We are so excited to share this Pine Island Lodge Wedding with you all because it will also be featured in the Outer Banks Wedding magazine this year!

When photographing a wedding, we look for the details that will tell a story..Those details do not have to be elaborate, however if you have style and an overall theme to the details, everything will come together and the photos will resonate. Victoria and Steve did just that, they put on the ultimate Pine Island Lodge Wedding and their guests had the best time.
Victoria and Steve opted for a band over a DJ and 10-Spot did not disappoint! I don’t think I noticed a single wallflower in the crowd and the highlight was when Victoria’s father got onto the stage and sang a little Frank Sinatra which was awesome by the way and there is video footage by the ever talented Chris McArdle with Hearts Home Films. Check it out the video HERE.

Pine Island Lodge Wedding Pine Island Lodge Wedding Pine Island Lodge Wedding Pine Island Lodge Wedding

The couple opted to hire the amazing Basnight’s Lone Cedar for their Pine Island Lodge Wedding and even though the cake by Almost Heaven Bakery was of true perfection, a Gelato bar for these Italians seemed fitting thanks to OBX Sunset Slush. All vendors involved in this amazing wedding will be listed at the end of the blog but before you go, check out how we make our selections for weddings to blog:

When choosing our favorite weddings of the year to blog or submit, there are a few points that contribute to our decision:
1. Details (if you have shoes, jewelry, perfume, cake, favors, etc.. this will help to create the story)
2. Florals (If you have a pretty bouquet, it makes a difference) I say this because a lot of Bride’s or Groom’s think that they can do everything themselves to save money and unfortunately sometimes it shows. I can promise you that you won’t save that much and you will end up having way more work for yourself.
3. The attire: yes, your dress or your suit make the difference.. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings us to see a Hayley Paige dress that fits in all the right places or an actual fitted suit on the groom. You may think that your hubby to be would be way more comfortable in linen pants and shirt but where the Hell will you pin that boutonnière without it flopping over during the ceremony or formal pictures.
4. Hair & Makeup: Please leave this to the professionals! This is the biggest day of your life and you need to look your best. Having a wedding in a different climate than what you are used to can surprise you in the worst way possible. For instance, you wont see me curl my hair in the summer time while the humidity is high for the fact that why waste my ever-loving time? You need a professional to keep those locks on lockdown and that face from melting away. Also, a beach wedding is so different and in the Outer Banks, it is so much more windy than you expect.. Put your hair up and plan accordingly.
5. Lighting: Yes, I saved the BEST point for last. Please please please listen to your photographer on this… ask advice and don’t think that you will get those beautiful right before sunset ceremony photos at noon. We know when the light will be primo and we hope that you will trust us in this.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ryan & Rach Photography
VENUE: The Pine Island Lodge
PLANNER: Sugar Snap Events
FLORIST: Heather Events & Florals
HAIR/MAKEUP: Bombshells Studio
CATERER: Basnight’s Lone Cedar
CAKE: Almost Heaven Bakery
GELATO: OBX Sunset Slush
BAND: 10-Spot
VIDEOGRAPHER: Hearts Home Films