Our names are Tex & Mochi Moser.  We love living the beach life and our long walks every day. We are pretty spoiled and like to chew up our new beds so our parents keep buying them for us (we have them wrapped around our little paws for sure). We love to travel with our humans and we cannot wait for the van life and being able to roam around new parts of the country! Mom and Dad sent us school to become “obedient” and surprisingly we are pretty good at that sit & stay stuff. We love our home in the Outer Banks but I (Tex) am still unsure of the ocean and sand.. Mochi loves to get dirty in the salty water and I much rather prefer the mountain air but we get the best of both worlds and love to travel to see both. We hope you enjoyed reading our bio and oh yeah, book our momma & daddy so they can keep affording our expensive kibble and vet bills and follow us HERE!