My name is Tex Moser and I chose my humans on September 30th 2018. You see, my momma & daddy we’re so sad after my brother Molson went to puppy heaven, so I was born two days later and now here I am! I love to play fetch in the yard, sleeping on top of my momma, and getting a bath (yes, it’s my favorite). Sometimes I am naughty and will sneak into the bathroom, grab the toilet paper and run! Mom and Dad sent me to school to become “obedient” and surprisingly I am pretty good at that sit & stay stuff. I love my home but I’m still unsure of the ocean and sand.. I much rather prefer the mountain air and mud but it’s cool, I get the best of both worlds and love to travel in the car to see both. I’m really looking forward to 2019 when Mom & Dad get that cool new Sprinter Van and we can travel all over together. I hope you enjoyed reading my bio and oh yeah, book my momma & daddy so they can keep affording my expensive kibble and follow me HERE!